What’s more perfect than replacing the routine of daily life with beautiful drives down the fairway while surrounded by the salt-filled breeze of the ocean? You’re right. There is no better definition of perfection. Well— at least not until we throw in that escape to paradise at a tempting price and package deal.

Here at Brunswick Plantation, we’ll make your life easy by breaking down the top beach golf packages on the East Coast. Just by reading these three beach golf packages, you’ll be one less adult responsibility away from enjoying a vacation playing the game we all love.

Big Cats Package- 3 nights/3 rounds

This beach golf package includes at stay at Brunswick Plantation Villa for 3 nights. Golfers will have the option to play Panther’s Run Golf Club, Tiger’s Eye, Leopard’s Chase, or Lion’s Paw Golf Links. The attendees will also be awarded free nine holes during their stay. This package includes breakfast each morning. The price is formulated to suit a group of 4 golfers per villa.

Atlantic Golf Package – 3 nights/3 rounds

Suited for 4 golfers per villa, this beach golf package will feature three nights at Brunswick Plantation Villas.  The choice of play would include Brunswick Plantation Golf Club, Whispering Pines Golf Club, or Rover Oaks Golf Club. 9 free holes will also be awarded to those attending this stay. The Atlantic Beach Golf Package includes breakfast each morning.

Century Golf Package – 3 nights/ 3 rounds

The Century Beach Golf Package will include 3 nights at Brunswick Plantation Villas. Golfers will have the choice to play at Brunswick Plantation Golf Club, Oyster Bay Golf Club, or Carolina National Golf Club. 9 free holes will be given to each golfer attending the stay, as well as breakfast included with package each morning.  Intended for 4 golfers per villa.